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Loading Card Management LS Central

Loading cards are used to enable the customer to load items onto his or her order in different sections of a store or restaurant, and then pay for the order at a cashier POS terminal. The loading card number identifies his or her order through this process.

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Mobile Inventory in LS Retail

Configure, download, update, and use

Mobile inventory application is integrated with LS Central back office to perform store operations like stock receiving, picking, label orders, inventory adjustment, physical count, price integrity check & stock ordering.

Supported with Android devices, capable to operate in an online and offline environment

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LS Central Item Availability Function

Lack of item availability information in the restaurants will lead to irated customer for over commitment When an regular Item or deal don't have enough stock to sell in the restaurant, item availability feature in LS Retail enables the operations to control or avoid the excess ordering to the kitchen. Item availability functionality enables updated view of the raw material inside the kitchen to the order takers in your restaurant with all the devices used.

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Customer Order In LS Retail

LS Retail Customer Orders Offers Consumers to Order Items to get it delivered to doorstep or Collect it from any selected store. Retailers can sell their stock which are available at any location or It could be out of stock. Click and Collect is a one of the key Application features in LS Retail where in customer can Choose the available stock location online and notify the store, then store can Pick them and notify back to Customer to collect it.

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