LS Central for Restaurants is a Unified retail application with array of functionalities. Loading cards enable the customer to load items onto their order in a store or restaurant sections and then pay for the order at a cashier POS terminal. The loading card number identifies their order through this. Upon entering the store or restaurant, the customer receives the loading card. The customer goes to different sections of the store or restaurant. The loading card is scanned or swiped at the POS terminal in every area for the food or items picked. Finally, The loading card is scanned at a cashier POS terminal at the exit. The customer can pay for more than his loading card amount, or other loading card amount can be merged with his by scanning or swiping other loading cards. After payment, the loading card is no longer linked to this customer’s order and handed over to the next customer.

Note: Loading card usage is only valid when the POS terminals in the store are online.

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