Retailers and brands are embracing digital transformation to thrive in today’s competitive environment. The retail landscape has shifted massively where customer interacts with brands across multiple channels. That’s why many retailers have adopted a multichannel retail strategy.

However, when a retail business transit to omni-channel, previous technological infrastructure cannot ensure accurate inventory and orders across all channels.
To deal with this challenge, faultless synchronization of data across all platforms is a must. Determining the target online shoppers and building a clear mapped-out buyers’ journey, is the first step to overcome in the setback.

Novasoft elevates your brand with end-to-end retail software, delivering personalized and seamless shopping experiences across physical and digital channels. We bring you comprehensive solution that unifies back-office, in-store, call-center, and ecommerce experience. We present you great tools for simplifying your day-to-day transactions and to keep your retail business operations streamlined.

  • Unified view of merchandising including product information, categories, assortment, and pricing
  • Building brand loyalty through personalized customer engagement
  • Consistent cross-sell and up-sell options across channels
  • Optimizing operations and supply chain efficiencies
  • Enabling and capturing insights to drive growth
  • Positive Decision making with BI reporting
  • Delivering single view of your brand

In the past technology has restricted retailers’ ability to deliver connected experience. With the design and architecture of Dynamics 365 retailers have a single version of truth across products, promotions, customers, and orders that enables many cross-channel capabilities consumer demand.

When a customer come in the store, a mobile enabled solution gives employees a 360-degree view of that customers, like what item they have previously purchased or what support issue they had in past. With AI driven recommendations, and customer insights, enables retailers to deliver consistent experience that elevates their brand appeal.

Bring numerous benefits to your retail business while improving overall performance and profit.

The following modules are implemented by Novasoft that helped the client achieve their omni-channel business objectives:

  • Mobile and WebPoint of Sales (POS) software
  • Customers & Order management
  • Inventory, Procurement& Finance
  • Loyalty & Member Management
  • Pricing, schemes and offer management
  • eCommerce development and ERP integration
  • Recommendations using AI
  • Comprehensive customer insights
  • Channel management
  • KPI reporting & dashboarding
  • Call center management
  • Recipe & Food cost management
  • Cloud Kitchen solutions
  • Integration with Home delivery apps

You have questions, we have answers

If you have any questions or need help implementing retail solution for your industry, you can always talk with our sales consultants.
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