LS Central SaaS in Saudi Arabia (KSA)

Run your retail business on the Cloud version of LS Central, a Unified commerce solution for retail and hospitality. LS Central, Software as Service (SaaS) Version runs on Microsoft Dynamics cloud. The same cutting-edge cloud technology runs its most popular business application Business Central. Head office, Back office, Point of Sale terminals & all related operations work online on Microsoft Dynamics cloud.

Focus on your business and let Microsoft manages security issues, backups, database maintenance & management, and application.

You can fund IT Projects from your operations budget, which is one of the significant advantages of cloud computing.
With the Cloud version of LS Central, It’s easy to configure, manage & scale your IT systems on demand is one of the significant advantages
Stay up to date automatically
With the Cloud version of LS Central, you don’t have to worry about upgrades. As the systems run on Cloud, you will get all the latest updates and upgrades.
Cloud computing offers retailers more incredible skill and ability to compete, particularly with pure-play eCommerce rivals who have the edge over your legacy systems.
Personalized Customer Experience
LS Central collects massive amounts of valuable data on each customer. Integrated LS Insights Cloud-based business intelligence tool identifies customer sentiments, buying patterns, and brand loyalty – data points that can’t be measured highly relevant to the sales process. Customer service reps can personally connect to each customer on a case-by-case basis with the analyzed information.
Improved Multichannel Operations
Personalized interaction is a must with customers regardless of the channel. LS Central Cloud effectively integrates POS Sales, eCommerce sales & Conventional sales with operations such as inventory, shipping & the Financials.
Better visibility to supply chain across the stores as every part of the business is on the Cloud, fewer stock-outs, optimized inventory levels, and enables retailers to capture real-time location data on inventory.
Improve Productivity
LS Central runs on Business Central, which easily integrates with other Microsoft Microsoft office 365 suite productivity tools like Outlook for communication, Power BI for data analytics, Power Automate for Automation, SharePoint for documentation, Teams for Collaboration, etc.
AI & Insights
Businesses can take advantage of all the services available in the Dynamics 365 intelligent cloud & features like LS Forecasting & LS Recommend.
Security and Reliability
Hosted in the Microsoft Dynamics cloud, the most reliable cloud computing infrastructure, your data is always secured.

Retail software solution to make your business awesome

LS Central is a Unified Retail Solution runs on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. LS Central helps you manage your business from the front desk to the back office, e-mail to eCommerce. Powered with features of Microsoft Dynamics application platforms, LS central extends the functionalities of retail and beyond.

Flexible architecture and easily configurable POS devices that work in online and offline mode help you keep selling even when your internet connection is unreliable. Customer engagement is the foremost important thing in retail; LS central enables the sales team with clienteling & Web POS functionalities over mobile.

Robust offers and member management functionalities will attract and collaborate with the customer to manage relationships and sales.

AI-enabled forecasting, BI enabled analytical reporting, Mobile apps, Power apps, Power Automate, and built-in insights make your journey awesome

ERP capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics Business Central bring in seamless Inventory, Procurement, and Financials functionalities.

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