Dynamics 365 Customer Insights for Personalized Marketing

Marketing has not been the same as it was just few years back. Marketers are using personalized strategies to improve customer experience and in turn make business profitable.

According to a research, 90% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands that provide offer and recommendations that are relevant to them. Around 60% of consumers are more likely to return to a website that offers personalized product recommendation. And what better example better than ecommerce giant-Amazon!

Having customer insights help business to get a complete and actionable view of every customer across different touch points.

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights helps business in three ways. First, by gaining holistic view of customer. It enables organizations to unify customer data scattered across transactional, behavioral, and observational systems and standardize it. Second, by unlocking insights & taking action to harness the data for actionable insights. And third, by adapting and extending it to address industry niche.

Benefits from AI for Your Business:-

With AI-driven insights, exploit the possibilities of your customer lifetime value based on unified customer profiles. You could even set the option to transform into a customer-centric benefiting the personnel in different department like marketing, sales and service who can have the insights required to personalize assignments.

You are at liberty to perform high-speed analytical processing and customize the solution using Microsoft Azure and Power Platform according to needs of business.

Initiate personalized experiences:-

A comprehensive and integrated approach to your customers’ needs must be addressed by combining your observational, transactional and behavioral data all in real-time.  Keep unified and continuously updated profiles of your customers with pre-built connectors with a provision to resolve their recommendations based on AI and machine learning. Regularly improve customer profiles with a range of first and third-party signals like product usage, customer feed-back, market trends and audience intelligence from Microsoft Graph.

Discern Insights and Initiate Action:-

Engage out-of-the-box machine learning or ML templates for recommendations of products, predict churn or take the next best action. Explore the possibility of new and fresh audience segments with AI-driven recommendations, or you may even define your own for an enhanced customer experience.

Powered by Microsoft and third-party applications, you can activate real-time insights on destinations including analytics, E-mail marketing, advertising and customer engagement platforms through turnkey integrations. What more, embed Customer Insights cards into your business applications for contextual insights and informed action. Activate workflows in response to customer signals by using Power Automate for a better perspective of your customer.

Familiarize & Integrate Solution:-

Without waiting, get started quickly with intuitive, guided experiences. Adapt and extend Customer Insights using Azure Synapse Analytics as per your needs to combine customer data with financial, operational and unstructured IoT data to build custom machine learning models. You can even connect your customer data with Microsoft Power BI to customize dashboards and reports. With the help of Microsoft Power Apps, build custom apps with embedded customer insights.

Put your faith on Microsoft expertise in AI research, responsible AI, cloud, data and developer platforms to get insights in order to help you offer great customers satisfaction.

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