Challenges faced by Retail Industry and how to overcome them with LS Central

Managing Retail Operations and internal communication is a challenging task. There is no doubt left that large-scale and small-scale retailers equally face this challenge. And this year, after COVID-19, not all retailers are facing the  same adversity. Those that sell masks and medical supplies, staples, and furniture (especially during lockdowns) are getting the spotlight. Some major retailers have survived and flourished in this volatile industry.

While the world is adapting to the new normal, are the retailers ready to face the new challenges?

Digital Presence

Customer preferences will always change, sometimes even faster than you can imagine. You must be able to keep up with consumer demand. The pandemic has taught businesses to be omnipresent. Being a Cloud and on-premise solution, LS Central engages customers and helps them discover and purchase items with conversational commerce tools. The POS works both online and offline, where you get the freedom to be  always operational.


Managing Internal Communication

Multi-outlet retail stores require more sophisticated internal communication solutions, especially for medium to large enterprises with several company departments. LS Central streamlines business processes more effectively across multiple departments. You simplify staffing and distribution, communicate clearly with employees, and keep control over staffing costs-all centrally.

Managing Visibility & Competitiveness

LS Central provides you with an overview of business performance in real-time so you can analyze your sales by location, track and crunch data, track KPIs, and access a full range of analytic and reporting capabilities. The software delivers a consistent shopping experience throughout sales channels, with all your items, prices, promotions, and stock availability seamlessly synced with your choice of e-commerce platform.

Secure yourself a sustainable competitive edge with the LS Central and get to know the application’s various functions at Novasoft.


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