AI in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Dynamics 365 Business Central is embedded with intelligent features that support the system to be more intuitive and helps in enhancing your employees to be more productive. Let us delve into how Dynamics 365 Business Central improves the productivity of your business processes with Artificial Intelligence.

The following examples come as part of standard Business Central and we expect to see more enhancements in this area. The artificial intelligence features are powered by Azure and is really brilliant.

AI Features in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Sales & Inventory Forecasting

Dynamics 365 Business Central comes with a fully loaded extension of sales and inventory forecast. For small, medium and large scale organizations, this is an invaluable insight that ensures you never run out of inventory but have a clear view of how your business will perform in terms of future development.

The added feature has the capability to predict your future sales using historic data and also identifies when you will need to order more inventory for meeting these orders.

Business Central Helps To Predict Late Payments

One of the important processes in an organization is to efficiently manage receivables. The Late Payment Prediction extension could help you reduce outstanding receivables by predicting whether sales invoices will be paid on time or whether follow-up is needed etc.

The extension effectively uses a machine learning classification model that gives you out-of-the-box benefits from Artificial Intelligence, you need not be a data scientist.

Business Central add-on for Outlook

When you receive an E-mail from one of your customers requesting for a quote on some items, directly in Outlook, you can open the Business Central add-in which recognizes the sender as a customer and opens the customer card for his company. Thereafter, as the next step, you can look to generate a sales quote directly from Outlook.

The Business Central Outlook add-on will then read the E-mail from the customer. With the help of AI, it will automatically generate a sales quote for the corresponding items easily.  Wherever possible, you can generate quote for more than one item and also for multiple customers, accordingly.  This helps save valuable time and energy in not only for switching between applications but also in fetching information as well.

Business Central syncs very well with common data services and with the power of Azure Artificial Intelligence, it can support organisation needs for the AI.

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