Retail industry all set for commerce revolution: Magento combined with LSCentral offers complete solutions for retailers


The eCommerce industry is expanding fast and is not limited to just buying and selling of products. It all about data, and how you make use of it. Right from the manufacturing of products to shipping it to the customer, your business will likely encounter a huge amount of data. To handle this bifurcated data from an online store and then filling it to ERP is an outdated process.

You need a standalone system that helps you fill functional gaps in your online business and enterprise solution- just like LS Central and Magneto.  The integration provides you a complete view of your retail business.

At a high level, it gives you and your customer access to more timely and accurate information. Apart from LS Central, Magneto integrates with a wide variety of enterprise software platforms. With its modern APIs, flexible data models, and pre-packaged extensions, your business gets a head start.

Up-to-date product stock information

The front-end of the Magneto website is connected to LS Central to automate the process of creating customer accounts and orders. With this integration, you get updated sales information. Any sales made on your Magneto website will appear in LS Central. Hence, you can launch new products faster and have confidence that you’ll always meet seasonal demand.

Also, any web transaction will be updated in the LS Central inventory, making it easier than ever to keep track of stock.

No scope for mistakes

As the data is passed between systems with no human error, error-free deliveries are made. Magneto store displays the latest product availability and pricing information. As a result, customers see an accurate product, pricing, and availability information as well as accurate order information and when they expect to receive it.

Hence the customer will not be charged for the wrong price or out of stock products.

More visibility of your business

LS central accommodates more channels, more business functions, and support you throughout your entire business network. With Magneto integration, you get to access online sales and customer data and a more complete picture of how your business is performing overall.

When LS Central and Magento Commerce platforms are connected, you can find yourself relieved of hours of effort for getting them in sync. There is no longer need for manual entering of product data like inventory, product description, pricing, and order tracking into Magento and entering new orders into LS Central.

In short with LS Central and Magneto, you avoid running a standalone online store that feels disjointed and off-brand.

Are you ready for an integrated eCommerce platform launch?

An integrated system not only simplifies routine business functions but also enhances end-user experiences driving additional value to the overall service.

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