Managing Business Continuity in Time of Change with Microsoft Teams

In the challenging time of the pandemic, most businesses have enabled mobile working for their employees. The importance of staying connected is obvious. Though there is the use of email, remote access with the managed device, or established teleworker network, there is an inadequate infrastructure for prolonged mass remote working. For prolonged business continuity and support, there is a need for enough corporate resources to go around.

According to Gulfnews, the coronavirus outbreak and the subsequent shift to work from home has boosted user engagement on Microsoft’s Teams app that saw video calls rocketing 1,000 percent in the month of March.

Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 enable businesses to do more, allowing them to provide a continuous level of service in-line with what their customers demand. By addressing the issues that hinder business continuity or disrupt usual working practices and processes, you can ensure that your business remains agile and competitive with Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams have the capacity to support remote working because all users are remote users to Microsoft!

Microsoft Teams on Microsoft 365 gives you access to a streamlined communication interface to aid in your collaboration. You won’t have to go through pages of notes or thousands of emails looking for a certain conversation.

With Microsoft Teams, you have it all at your fingertips.

The splendor of Microsoft Teams is that the application does not just limit you to the chat or communication functionality – you can bring any Microsoft 365 application into the mix too. Microsoft Teams helps facilitate some of the best and most seamless collaboration possible, whether you’re working remotely or in the Microsoft. So even on the move, you are kept completely in the loop.

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