Manufacturing typically is a heavy process industry. There are tremendous challenges for manufacturing firms as the need to continuously excel in sales, production, purchase and supply to be truly efficient. Apart from instability both in regional and international market, manufacturers also needs to focus on forecasting demand of product, controlling inventory, improving efficiency of manufacturing plant while increasing ROI.

Microsoft’s enterprise solution for manufacturing industry offers a secure, scalable and flexible platform to minimize time-consuming and labor-intensive tasks, reduce material waste, optimize the use of equipment by minimizing damage, and simplify their supply chains. 

Microsoft’s manufacturing ERP system integrates your manufacturing process, planning and execution, inventory, compliance, finance and sales. All manufacturing activities are thus tracked for confronting uncertainties across organization.

  • Streamline processes, enabling staff to work more productively and extract the right insights from the right data to drive better decisions
  • Ensure the utmost data security to succeed in market
  • Unleash innovation by optimizing the resources to the fullest
  • Eliminate error, delays and unnecessary expenses
  • Forecast plan resources to streamline inventory
  • Seamless experience for teams to work as one business

Novasoft has implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365 with following modules. Our implementation services cover the integration of these modules to other diverse and distributed application of Dynamics 365 – within and across the enterprise.

  • Purchase management
  • Estimation and Quoting
  • Shop floor control
  • Field service
  • Material requirement planning
  • Production planning and scheduling
  • Compliance
  • Sales and distribution management
  • Inventory management
  • Finance and accounting

You have questions, we have answers

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