Amid the global health crisis, there is need for cohesive solution. Since you are dealing with people’s, you must manage regular business securely and error free. The main objective of this fast paced industry is improving service quality, enhancing patient care and controlling costs.

With modern solutions for healthcare needs like inventory management, doctor-patient communication, pharmaceuticals, billings and tons of other functionality, an ERP can manage all aspects of healthcare business. An enterprise business solution can improve operational efficiencies, while reducing labor and inventory costs.

With Novasoft’s enterprise business solution the information flow and communication between departments and doctors becomes more customer-centric rather than hospital-centric. We provide flexible, comprehensive solution for healthcare providers across the globe. By combining our technological expertise and profound experience, we create value to your healthcare business.

Our team works with clinicians, pharmacists, administrator and operational leaders to give you a comprehensive technological solution for your healthcare business in UAE.

  • Search and pull reports at an inter-departmental and organizational levels
  • Enables hospitals to communicate effectively across traditional and emerging social network channel
  • Easier healthcare data management including insurance info, demographics info, medical histories, medications and much more
  • Focus on quality healthcare service by automating medical processes, and concentrate on patient care.
  • Improved patient satisfaction with automated features and instant access to patient records and history of medical treatment, medical providers

In all facets of patient’s care, Novasoft has vast experience in implementing Dynamics 365 business application platform for holistic analysis. With more connected patients and happier worker, healthcare organization reflects end-to-end care.

We at Novasoft help to take full advantage of Dynamics 365 healthcare accelerator with HL7 and FHIR standard EMR integration that makes clinical data actionable. The shared operational, clinical, and financial data analysis helps healthcare providers make informed decisions in the era of value based care.

You have questions, we have answers

If you have any questions or need help implementing enterprise business solution for healthcare pharmaceutical industry, you can always talk with our sales consultants.
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